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If your team has not had their third originally scheduled game, then you can still add players.  Please email Patti at 

If your team has had their third originally scheduled game, then you can only add players if you roster is below 20 players and you can only add to a max roster of 20 players.  The ADD/DROP form is on the "League Forms" page.   Over-40 teams must be below 15 players.

We welcome and offer players 18 years or older of all skill levels the opportunity to have fun and a means to stay fit participating in our league.

A new player that has not played on a team within North TX Women’s Soccer League must find a team to play with before they are permitted to complete player registration. Please see the "Looking For a Team" tab below if you do not have a team to play with and our Player Coordinator will help you with this process.

A player can only dual register under the following conditions:

  • Must be 40 years of age when you register.

  • Open + O-40

  • O-30 + O-40

If a player dual registers for any other combination, they will be removed from
the age restricted division.